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At Pellegrino Law Professional Corporation, I am dedicated to ensuring that clients can rest easy knowing that I am here to help.  I proudly serve the Durham Region and surrounding areas, including the Greater Toronto Area.

The truth is that at some stage in life everyone needs to rely on others, regardless of how self-sufficient we actually are.  The intricate way that the law figures into every facet of life puts me in a unique position to be just that individual.  I can provide high quality legal work and have a devout resolution to helping clients navigate their way through their transactions or issues by understanding problems through the right lens.  

Informed decision-making is only possible with knowledge and a framework for viewing a particular issue, and this is what I wish to instill.  In this way I avoid removing the client from the matter and focus on helping the client resolve the matter. I very much look forward to working with you in this regard.  

My areas of practice include real estate law, corporate and commercial law, and wills and estates.  I do not practice criminal law or family law.  My services also include commissioning and notarial services.​ Please see the Practice Areas section for further detail on the services we provide.